Waffle Maker: How to Buy One?


Waffles are becoming extravagant and prevalent in India particularly among the youngsters. Waffles are quite famed among but still for those four people who don’t know about waffles. It is usually used as a snack and is made from a liquid batter which is cooked between two plates which are hot and alters the batter into a unique solid form and shape which is both sweet and spicy.

When you get out of bed after a hangover or had a strenuous day at office nothing works better than a sweet sniffing scent of waffles sitting on your kitchen countertop. If you’re somebody who relishes extravagant breakfast and try new things with it then waffle is the impeccable pick for you. Just so you know you can add banana, jam, maple syrup, whipped cream, even ham, and cheese. Would you like to go with a breakfast that can add value in terms of health and taste?

Waffles as a delightful option for breakfast comes in three types like stove top irons, electric irons, and electric machines like your sandwich maker that can behoove into the kitchen. The molds are made of silicon and once you pour batter in them they can be put in the oven to bake. The electric form of waffle makers is a great way to re-create the magic of Belgian waffles. So, take your pick out these top waffle makers and enjoy the magic of waffles every morning by flipping the batter or topping of your choice.

Waffle Maker: What to Look Out for?

If want to have healthy and tasty breakfast daily then you must keep in mind few points before making any purchase decision. Since markets are overflown with so many waffle makers that picking the one which is just perfect for you could be taxing. Here’s why I have a list of points to bear in mind before you go ahead and make the purchase.

  • Always go with a waffle maker that comes with a Teflon coating as it will last longer than non-coating ones.
  • Go for a bigger size which makes at least two waffles at one go and that too with deep-pocketed so that it doesn’t get messy around.
  • Get a measuring cup which can give an idea of how much batter you need and save you from wasting the batter or time in case you made less than what you needed.
  • If you have a bug in your feet and loves to travel more than staying at one place then always go with one which lighter to carry.
  • A good waffle maker should be a heat resistant one and should not get hot from the exterior. And, must come with an indicator light which intimates you when it is done.
  • And last but not the least; it must give you the delicious brown evenly colored waffles.

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